PubCamp - The Web 2.0 Media Day

A Conference and Unconference

The Web is now sixteen years old. Like most teenagers, it's obsessed with its social life and wears strange clothing. It thumbs its nose at convention and is impossible for most normal grown-ups to understand. It's not mature yet, but growing up fast. And while it may be out to change the world, it also seems intent on smashing up everything that has come before.

Do you ever get the feeling you don't really understand where the Web's heading (let alone this Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 you keep hearing about) or that it's leaving you behind? You're not alone. The simple fact is no one really knows for sure or has all the answers. So, what can I do about it? Come along to "PubCamp - The Web 2.0 Media Day - A Conference and Unconference" -- a free event about the future of media on the Web -- and get some group therapy for dealing with this precocious teenager and its seemingly limitless potential.

You might have heard of BarCamp. Interested in where media is heading? Then PubCamp is for you!

The event is proudly brought to you by itechne. It's part of our mission to demystify technology, spark new ideas and help our customers and friends understand the future of media.

When's it on?

The Sydney event:
Wednesday 18th June at 3pm at the Marriott Sydney Harbour Hotel, 30 Pitt St, near Circular Quay.

The Melbourne event:
Monday 23rd June at 3pm at Rydges, 186 Exhibition St near the Theatre District.

Why should I attend?

How does it work?

The Web 2.0 Media Day is free to attend and has two parts. A formal conference and briefing with traditional sessions runs from 3-5pm, and an open "unconference" designed to foster community and conversation runs from 6-8pm. Everyone is welcome to attend either or both, and there's a networking session with drinks and nibbles from 5-6pm.

The event is free and open for anyone to attend, but space is limited, so we're making registrations available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please feel free to pass on invitations to whomever you choose by pointing a friend or colleague to the event online.

We'll also be streaming the event live online on the night from

The Conference

The Unconference

"An unconference is a facilitated, face-to-face, and participant-driven conference centered around a theme or purpose." - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

So, what does that mean? Essentially, anyone can rock up and give a presentation or lead a discussion on a topic related to Web 2.0 and media.

Do you have some insights you'd like to share? Something that really ticks you off? A topic you would like to find out more about how other people are dealing with? Or do you know someone who is a great talker and you think should get a wider audience. Well, this is the chance.

To nominate a session, you can fill out the wiki sheet to reserve a spot any time before the event, or write up a session on the whiteboard on the night if there are any spaces left.

Go to the Wiki to add or propose an Unconference session

Okay, I'm in, what next?

Simply let us know you'd like to come along and then rock up on the day.

Seats are limited, so RSVP for the Sydney event here on upcoming or RSVP for the Melbourne event here.

Phone: +612 9270 2100

We hope you can join us, and the conversation, then.